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Practice Manager

Growing up in her Cumberland, Maryland childhood home, Sarah brought home any kind of creature she could find, much to her mother’s chagrin. She hasn’t stopped saving animals since. Sarah has now been involved in the world of pet rescue for more than 25 years! It was through her rescue work that she first met Dr. Portugal and became a fixture here at Critter Care Veterinary Hospital—Sarah is proud to now serve as the Practice Manager.

Sarah first started working part-time here at the clinic after meeting Dr. Portugal, an important figure herself in the community’s animal rescue field. When Dr. Portugal left on medical leave, Sarah was invited on full-time to keep things moving along in her absence—she’s been serving as the clinic’s Practice Manager ever since! Now, she gets the best of both worlds and is able to continue doing the rescue work she’s so passionate about while also helping pets hands-on here at the hospital.  Sarah is also a Level 3 Fear Free Certified Professional and a member of The Society of Veterinary Medical Ethics.

In her free time between her clinic duties, pet fostering, and her rescue efforts, Sarah enjoys visiting the beach, and spending quality time with her family, friends, and pets. She has a grown daughter (who loves animals just as much as her mother) and lives with her husband, Bob, and a menagerie of animal companions. 

The canine portion of the family includes a little pack of french bulldogs named Nugget, Dobby, Jess, Winston and Nova. Sarah also has a three-legged cat, Tres; Dragone the red bearded dragon; and a talkative Double Yellow Headed Amazon parrot named Gertrude who is more than 45 years old.



Lead Veterinary Technician

Meg worked in a variety of fields in the past, including retail, food service, and even child care. But she always felt that there was something missing. She had adored animals while growing up and even considered becoming a marine biologist for a time—why not follow that passion, Meg thought, by becoming a veterinary professional? That set her on a course that hasn’t wavered to this day. She’s the clinic’s Lead Veterinary Technician!

Meg is originally from Bricktown, New Jersey and attended a community college there before moving to Pennsylvania with her family. After earning her Associate’s degree in general studies at a local college, she re-enrolled to study veterinary technology in the school’s Veterinary Assistant program. Shortly afterwards, Meg found an opening here at Critter Care Veterinary Hospital, and the rest is history!
Around the clinic, Meg particularly enjoys cleaning pets’ mouths and seeing the final product after her dental work is done. She’s also fond of the continuing education opportunities that she’s received through the hospital—constantly learning more in her field is something that Meg doesn’t take for granted!

Meg is an avid photographer when she’s not at work, and loves to snap pictures whenever the opportunity presents itself. When not at home with her four pets: a rescued dog named Quinn; a dog named Chase who Meg adopted after he was surrendered to Critter Care Veterinary Hospital; a pair of litter-mate cats named Baxter and Rosco; Megan likes to spend time with her boyfriend, Devin and his children


Veterinary Technician

When Lydeah’s horse fell ill, she watched as her local veterinarian and a Veterinary Technician worked tirelessly to make sure her beloved companion returned to full health. She never forgot the care, skill, and compassion that they demonstrated—Lydeah knew that she wanted to do the exact same thing for other people’s treasured family members. That’s when she decided to become a veterinary professional herself!

Lydeah grew up in Coatesville and attended a local technical school’s veterinary program during her high school years. That experience launched a journey that hasn’t stopped to this day. When a friend of hers who was working here at Critter Care Veterinary Hospital told Lydeah about an opening, she jumped at the chance to join a team of animal-lovers just like herself. She was hired in July of 2017, and has been helping the area’s pets and animal owners as a Veterinary Assistant ever since. In the near future, Lydeah will complete her schooling and become a Certified Veterinary Technician!

Here at the clinic, Lydeah finds that her one of her favorite parts of the job is learning new things in the ever-changing field of veterinary medicine. She also loves to pass along that knowledge to pet owners. Above all, Lydeah enjoys seeing the looks on pet owners’ faces when they’re reunited with their healthy, happy pets! 

Lydeah’s interests away from the office include horseback riding, boating, and spending quality time with her family, and pets. She’s been riding horses since she was only six years old, and currently owns two horses named Chachi and Pheonah. Lydeah also shares her life with two dogs—a rescue named Theo and a cuddle-loving Pit Bull named Lylah—and a pair of frisky cats who go by Gary and super senior Appa. 



Veterinary Assistant

Cheyenne always suspected that a career in veterinary care would suit her well. It wasn’t until she shadowed at a local vet’s office during her high school years, though, that her mind was made up. Cheyenne observed various departments at her local animal hospital—oncology, neurology, anesthesiology, and more—and it didn’t take her long to realize that she’d found her true calling. She hasn’t looked back since!

Cheyenne grew up in West Chester but moved to Thorndale with her family many years ago. She secured her first job in the world of animal care at a local pet store, where she worked for a year, before deciding to take the next step. Cheyenne came across an opening here at Critter Care Veterinary Hospital and jumped at the chance to apply—the rest is history. Now, she’s a Kennel Attendant and hopes to move into a Veterinary Assistant role very soon!

Around the clinic, Cheyenne likes learning new things on a daily basis. No two shifts are ever quite the same! Most of all, she enjoys spending time one-on-one with the area’s boarding pets so that she can get to know their loveable personalities. 

Away from work, Cheyenne enjoys listening to music and attending live concerts, seeing movies, and cheering on her favorite football teams (she’s a huge Green Bay Packers fan!). She also loves to dote on her own animal companions at home. Cheyenne and her family share their home with four cats—Nova, Loki, Lexi, and Scottie—as well as an energetic Australian cattle dog named Blu and a laid-back leopard gecko who goes by Nellie. 



Veterinary Assistant

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Kennel Technician/Veterinary Assistant

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Veterinary Assistant

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Veterinary Technician

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Lead Customer Care Representative

Christina has more than two decades’ worth of experience helping customers. She’s worked as a travel agent, a receptionist at a hair salon, and just about everything in between! When the time came for Christina to seek out a new opportunity that would allow her to put her background to good use, she came across an opening here at Critter Care Veterinary Hospital. The rest is history, and she’s now the team’s Lead Customer Care Representative!

Christina has lived in Chester County her whole life and joined the Critter Care Veterinary Hospital family in late 2017. She’s been enjoying every moment since! Christina particularly likes meeting pet owners at the front desk and imparting what she’s learned since starting in the veterinary field. She also loves getting to work alongside a team of passionate animal-lovers just like herself every day.

When she’s not at work, Christina can be found antiquing, camping and hiking, and trap-shooting with her husband. She has two children, Hailey and Nicholas, as well as two stepdaughters named Lauren and Sara. Christina and her husband share their home with a dog, Honey, and four wonderful cats: Sadie, Sasha, Suri, and Darwin.


Customer Service Representative

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Customer Service Representative

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